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Ney's Complaint about Separation

Listen carefully to what that Ney is saying, it complains about the separation.

Ney says in his own language of state: 

they cut me, gather me from the reeds, listens and cries both men and women.

Since they cut me off the cane, both the emotional man and the woman moan and cry from my cry. However, every person who listens to me cannot understand what I am saying, cannot hear my cry. In order to understand and hear me, I want a person who has suffered from separation, hurt heart, and I want to tell him about my pains and troubles.


Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumî

As a matter of fact, the person who has been separated from his homeland and who has moved away from there searches for the happy times he has spent there, wants to live that time again, wishes to reunite with his lover. 
I moaned, cried, stood in every assembly, in every community. I got up with bad people as well as good people ...

Ney, in Sufism, is the symbol of the perfect man who is freed from his desires and is filled with divine love. Ney moans because it fell apart from the reed holder. Man has been exiled to the world from the spirit world of pre-eternity. He suffers because he is separated from God. As long as he lives in the world, as he struggles with pains, diseases and miseries, man will long for his happiness in the spirit world, and will seek salvation from the world he is alien to and living like exile. 
Selections from Mesnevî 

"Love is such a flame that when it shines, it burns everything other than the lover. "


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