Courses of Ney

Courses of Ney

Our courses are given in the form of face-to-face or online (distance) courses. Ney learning time is directly proportional to the person's ability and study time, and it is not possible to specify a fixed learning time. If you want to learn how to blow ney in the most correct way, definitely check out our ney courses .

Online Ney (Distance) Courses

WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype will be given through the platform preferred by the trainee. The lesson times will be determined as a result of the coordination to be made. It is suitable for participation from Turkey, even from anywhere in the World.

Face-to-Face Ney Courses

Our face-to-face ney courses are valid for Eskişehir, Isparta and Kayseri city centers, and the trainings will be given for a total of eight hours by meshk procedure. If you are also a resident of Eskişehir, Isparta or Kayseri, we recommend that you take this course opportunity. 

In Kayseri:Our current ney lessons will be held in groups of up to 4 people or one-on-one according to your preference, and the lessons will be processed at the ney yapım atelier located in the city center. 

In Isparta:Our current ney courses will be held one-on-one and the course location and hours will be determined as a result of coordination. 

In Eskişehir:Our current ney courseswill be held in groups or one-on-one according to your preference, and the courses will be processed at the Eskişehir Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineerslocated in Odunpazarı. 

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