How to Lubricate Ney?

How to Lubricate Ney?

Since it is not possible for a moist substance to absorb oil into its pores; the ney should not be blown/played in the day of lubrication, therefore it’s inside should be dry. Başpâre must be removed (it should not be forced) before lubrication. If başpâre is made of a substance that needs to be oiled, it should be oiled separately.

Although Ney can be lubricated in various ways, the oil should be drained for at least 4-5 hours after process, and the outside should be cleaned with a dry and lint-free cloth.

Ney lubrication methods

During the lubrication of ney, generally accepted methods can be used and similar methods can be developed. These methods are:

  • Specially designed for ney lubrication (usually preferred by ney manufacturers and people with more than one ney.) and leave it to stand in a lubrication tankfilled with appropriate oil,
Lubrication using a lubrication tank
  • o Filling suitable oil into a container (PVC pipe of suitable size and diameter with a closed/tamponed end, etc.) and keeping ney in this container ,
Lubrication using PVC pipe
  • After the ney (except for one end) is wholely covered with plastic wrap or similar material, fill the ney with suitable oil , ,
Lubrication using stretch film
  • o After the holes (except for the ends) are covered with plastic and one end tamponed with a finger, fill the ney with suitable oil, (this method is not recommended by us due to the fact that the material used to close the note holes may damage the fibers in its natural structure),
  • It can be counted as dipping one end of the ney in a container filled with suitable oil and closing the notation holes with fingers, then pulling the air in it (like using a straw) from the other end so that the oil is filled into it and allowing the oil to be filled (until the oil touches our tongue) and slowly emptied.

Operations to be Performed on the Lubricated Ney

After removing the ney from the oil and draining the oil inside it, allowing it to stand upright for not less than 4 - 5 hours [to a suitable place / nail, from the A note hole (the hole at the bottom of ney), hanging upside down, etc.] to drain the excess oil on it,must be provided. It should not be forgotten to put a container under it to collect the filtered oil. This container will keep the environment clean and save you money by allowing the oil to be reused.

The outer side of the ney should be dried with the help of a clean and lint-free cloth and the head (başpâre) should be attached and ready for use. If ney is desired to give a pleasant smell, chemical-free musk, rose oil, lavender oil etc. . can be added to the oil prepared for lubrication. By adding natural scents such as ney can be oiled after this process.

We wish you a permanent breath and hope your ney will last a long time...

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