What Kind of Ney Should I Buy?

Ney produced from a natural material(arundo donax / pike cane) is not manufactured in fabrication as mass production, unlike other musical instruments. If a ney is said to be manufactured in this way, it should definitely be avoided. From this point on, we will try to explain the issues that need to be considered in the selection of ney.

What Should I Pay Attention to in the General Structure of Ney?

The important points are that: the outer surface of the reed to be bright, the reed to have equal or nearly equal lengths of knuckles, the hole in the back (Aşiran Perdesi) to be in the middle of knuckle, the straw to be straight, the knots to be cleaned without damaging the reed and knots to be filled using suitable materials.


What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing a Mouthpiece (Başpare)?

Başpare, which is used only by Turks in the Islamic geography and makes it easier to play ney; is generally made of buffalo horn. However, it can be also produced from inorganic raw materials such as derlin (a type of hard plastic) fiber, Teflon, or from organic raw materials such as hard-structured trees ebony, boxwood, rose and ivory, amber, etc. Generally, buffalo horn (traditional) and ivory başpare are better in sound timbre, but they are expensive and hard to find. Therefore, the use of başpare made from a combination of buffalo horn and other materials or from derlin material is more preferred. After the selection of the material, the body of the başpare should not be cracked and the part inside the reed should not be too long. There should be no gap between the inner wall of the reed and the başpare, and the inner side should be made concave.


How Should the Parazvâne Be?

The purpose of the Parazvane is to protect the ends of the reed. The thickness of metal material parazvane made of should be between 0.35 - 0.40 mm. Silver, alpaca, chrome, brass, gold are generally used materials for parazvanes. The upper and lower parazvanes should be of the same size in width. Since the embroideries on the parazvanes will not affect the sound, it may be preferred to have embroideries aesthetically.


Where Should I Buy Ney?

Ney nereden alınır? Sorusu ilk heves edildiği zamanlar akla gelen ilk sorudur. Akordu düzgün ve usulüne uygun olarak üretilen bir ney alınmak isteniyorsa; kesinlikle ney üflemeyi bilen ve neyi kişiye özel olarak açan bir ney yapımcısından almakta fayda vardır. Yukarıda belirtilen hususlara ilave ve en önemli husus ise açılmış olduğu karara uygun akordun yapılmış olmasıdır.

If you have just started playing ney and there are doubts about what to buy, it is useful to get help from someone who has had a certain experience in this regard. If this is not possible, the issue of unconditional return and/or exchange should be provided with the seller during the purchase, and return/exchange or final purchase should be made after getting ney checked by an experienced person.

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In the hope that what you have bought in line with the criteria above will be beneficial to you and your breath will always be.

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