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Ney's Structure And Parts

What parts does Ney consist of? If we talk about the structural features of ney; What parts does ney which have a cylind...
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How Is Improvisation Performed?

What is improvisation?Improvisationwhile expressing meanings such as dividing, smashing in the dictionary, , as the term of music, on the condition that it is based...

How to Make a Sound From Ney?

WHAT TO MAKE A SOUND OUT OF: What Grip and Sitting Position What to make a sound out of is actually very special…

Ney in Mesnevî

Listen, how does this ney tell stories, how does he complain about breakups. Because they cut me off from staying…

Making Sound from Ney and Sitting Position

Ney can be held in the mouth on the right or left side. Any rules related to this issue…

Ney's Complaint about Separation

"Listen carefully to what this Ney is saying, he is complaining about separation. Ney to himself…

Ney in Mevlevi and Mevlevi Rite

Research shows that even in the most primitive societies, music and religion are intertwined. The Human…

What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Ney?

I Started Learning Ney, What Should I Pay Attention To While Buying? The most important thing to pay attention to when buying ney should be the fact that the tuning is made by a person who knows ...

Is It Difficult to Learn Ney?

You Want To Learn How To Play Ney, You Want To Blow And Make A Sound But You Have Difficulties. Pretty Normal, Let's Talk In Detail Now...