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Ney Passion

Ney is a passion that teaches people to be patient, relaxes one's soul and enchants those who listen. Ney is a musical instrument that can be blown at any age and can be learned by spending maybe 30 minutes a day when studied carefully and consistently. Unlike other musical instruments, what makes ney a passion is the desire to learn about oneselfs, and the peace that one feels when he/she hears that sound. This is what we call "Ney Passion" ...

As Şahaney, we produce handmade neys in order to share this passion and deliver them to all over the world. What you will see on our website, the production stages of ney from the first stage, important points to be considered when playing Ney, quotations from works written by esteemed masters, regular sharings about ney and Sufism in Ney Blog, Photo Gallery, e-commerce platform where we sell our products: Online Store, Archive of Notes.Shortly, you will be able to find a lot of information that may be necessary for those who want to learn how to play ney. Now that you are reading this page, welcome as a ney devotee…

     Says; my cry comes from the cane,
     Whoever hears, blood comes from his/her eyes.




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