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Ney satışı
ney kamışı- mansur ney
ney satış
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Ney Passion

Ney is a passion that teaches people to be patient, relaxes one's soul and enchants those who listen. Ney is a musical instrument that can be played/blown at any age and can be learned by spending 30 minutes a day when studied carefully and consistently. We will guide all these questions for those who say how to learn Ney, necessary information for beginners, I want to buy Ney. diyenler için tüm bu sorulara rehberlik edeceğiz sitemizde.

Unlike other musical instruments, what makes ney a passion is the desire to learn about oneself, the peace felt when he hears that sound. This is what we call "Ney Passion" ...

How is Ney Made? How Is It Played/Blown?

As ŞahaNey, we produce handmade neys in order to be your partner in this passion and deliver them to all over the world. What you will see on our website, ney production stages of the reeds from the first stage, the important points to pay attention to while blowing ney, the excerpts of the works written by valuable masters with their permission, regularly shares about Ney and Turkish Music in Ney Blog, Photo Gallery, i want to buy a ney we sell ney we produce at Online Store, Archive of Notes.and shortly a lot of information that may be necessary for those who want to learn what to blow. 

If you are reading this page right now, welcome among us as a ney lover…

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