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He says; my cry comes from the straw,
Whoever hears it, blood will come out of their eyes...

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From a Small Workshop
To The Whole World

We Are Bringing Our Love of Production, Which Started in a Small Workshop, to the Four Corners of the World

Some Reasons Why Your Choice Should Be ŞahaNey®

Completely Handmade

What we produce with manual labor is completely our own handmade products.

Artistic Point of View

We attach importance to art so that everyone can experience Ney's passion

Reasonable Price Advantage

We want to offer the most affordable prices by appealing to every budget

Fast Order and Delivery

Although it takes a while because it will be manual labor, we are working in the most serial way

Events we participated in

For the construction and execution of Ney; T.C. Ministry of Culture and Tourism We would be glad to see you among us in the events in which we participate individually as Ney Production Artist or as ney performer. Dec. 

How Do We Manufacture?

The main material of Ney is reed. It is not easy to find reeds suitable for ney construction. The reeds made of ney are cut and dried under suitable conditions in the appropriate seasons and weather conditions suitable for this work.

In the selection of reed, care is taken to ensure that the outer enamel is hard and shiny. The selection and drying of reeds with appropriate diameters and characteristics greatly affects both the sound quality of what will be done and the aesthetic structure of what. Since it will take a long time to explain our production process, we have covered it in detail on a different page. You can continue reading via the button below.


What Kind of Ney Should I Buy?

Like other musical instruments, it is not a fabricated production and is produced from a natural material (arundo donax / kargi reed); it cannot be produced as standard; fabrication, serial, etc. production and production in the form of production is not possible. If it is said that something is produced in this way, it should definitely be avoided. Starting from this point, we will try to explain the issues that should be considered in the selection of ney in the form of articles.

What People Are Saying

Articles From Ney Blog

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Hüseynî Makamı

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Dr.Osman Şükrü Şenozan

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Manyasizâde Refik Bey

He was born in 1854. He is the son of Manyasizâde Rauf Bey, professor of civil law at Istanbul Faculty of Law (Mekteb-i Hukuk-ı Şahane)...
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Uşşak Makamı

Uşşak Makamı; Türk Mûsikisinde, temel ya da ana bir makamdır. Uşşak kelime anlamı olarak…

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