About Us

First Meeting with Music ...

From 1994, I have received western music and clarinet/saxophone training from my esteemed teacher Adnan MESCİ,during my high school education. I have performed as a solo and orchestra member in various shows and programs. I got my ney passion which has been in me for years as a love in Kayseri.

Ney Education and Production Process ...

In Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory,i studied Turkish Music and Ney lessons from my dear teacher ney performer Mehmet TİRYAKİ. During this period, I used various neys I purchased from different Ney manufacturer. Based on the ney performer İsmail Yavuz’s sentence that "A good ney performer manufactures his/her own ney.", I started my education under Mey and Ney manufacturer Mr. Seyfi GÜNAY's supervision. Currently, I continue to learn Turkish Music and procedural training from Islamic Arts and Religious Music Instructor Muhammed TÜRE / Bartın University Faculty of Islamic Sciences, and also continue to learn Hüsn-i calligraphy (rik'a) from Calligrapher Mustafa DEMİR

Who Do I Adopted As My Role Model?

For ney manufacture, i have adopted Ney Performer Niyazi SAYIN's methodology. However, as ney playing methodology, i have embraced Sadrettin ÖZÇİMİ, Ahmet ŞAHİN, Salih BİLGİN, Süleyman YARDIM, Burcu KARADAĞ, Aziz Şenol FİLİZ and Mehmet TİRYAKİ apartm from Niyazi SAYIN, as role models for myself.

“One must curse a thousand for one sin; I have a thousand sins, I did not curse even a day "