What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Ney?

I Started Learning Ney, What Should I Pay Attention To While Buying?

The most important thing to pay attention to when buying ney should be the fact that the tuning is made by a person who knows this job and blows the ney according to the type of ney.When buying ney, you should preferably hold it with your own hands and see if it suits your finger structure. In addition, according to your own blowing style, it should be checked that some known notes are matched each other in both open / closed position and the back hole must be according to your upper hand holding ney.

Which type of what should I buy?

Things to Consider When Buying Ney

Ney diversity is a situation that has nothing to do with the structure, it is only related to the height and tone of the voice accordingly. As stated in our article titled “Ney Types” başlıklı yazımızda da belirtildiği üzere ney, sabit akortlu olması ve notaları göçürme (transpoze) suretiyle eser icrasının zor olması muhtelif akortlarda ney kullanımını zorunlu kılmış ve böylelikle ney çeşitleri ortaya çıkmıştır.

If you are a good level ney performer, it will be appropriate to consider the type of use (solo / choir) and location (for stage / hobby purposes) when deciding what kind to buy. If you are just starting to learn and not specifically stated by your teacher; In general, it will be a good choice for you to buy girl ney, which is easy to blow, suitable for solo and choral work, and sold on our site.If your ney is not enough for you, you can switch to yıldız ney, mansur ney or other ney types .

muhtelif neyler
Various types of ney

What Should Be the Price of Ney I Will Buy?

What Are the Ney Prices? What Are the Reed and Professional Ney Price Differences?

As it can be understood from the proverb "Cheap meat stew will be tasteless" (meaning according to Turkish Language Society’s Proverbs and Idioms Dictionary: cheap things are unqualified.), the ney you buy in the market below a certain price may be out of tune or may be made of improper straw. It would be appropriate to stay away from ney considered to be obviously cheap, taking into account the criteria such as difficulty of procuring reed suitable for ney making and the impossibility of fabrication.

Ney price: The diameter and quality of the reed, the raw materials from which the baspare and parazvanes are made and other features are the most important factors in determining the ney prices. For these reasons, since it is an instrument with a very wide price range, it would be good to choose something suitable for your needs and situation. It should not be forgotten that ney is the instrument you will get at almost the most affordable price .

You can get information about prices by examining neys on sale in our store, or you can get price information by fiiling this form .

What Features Should I Buy a Ney?

You should buy a ney with a shiny wall and an equal or nearly equal length of reed knuckles, fully tuned and manufactured by a competent person. Reading our article titled What Kind of Ney Should I Buy? will contribute to getting more detailed information.

How Should I Transport and Store The Ney I Have Purchased?

We have written a comprehensive article on how to maintain ney before. (How to Care for Ney?) Now we will give general information about the storage of ney.

It is appropriate to store it in a suitable ney cover / box or carrying case (e-store) to prevent breakage / cracking during transport.

When you are not using your ney, it can be hung 90 degrees perpendicular to the floor or 180 degrees horizontally to the ney hanger etc. produced specifically for this purpose. During the horizontal / vertical storage of ney, it is important that the baspare come to a suitable space so as not to affect the existing angle.

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