Is It Difficult to Learn Ney?

You Want To Learn How To Play Ney, You Want To Blow And Make A Sound But You Have Difficulties. Pretty Normal, Let's Talk In Detail Now

Of course, all musical instruments have their own difficulties. But ney has a completely different degree of difficulty among them at the beginning. Yes, learning ney is hard but never impossible. It takes a little breath, attention, and most importantly patience. When you start to make a sound, you will see that everything comes a little easier, leaving the place of that difficulty with joy inside. In fact, while learning ney, you will learn Turkish Music on the one hand, and you will enter music.

I Want to Learn To Play Ney

Remember, Ney also wants you to learn it. He wants you not to let her down, to continue patiently, to try and practice what you have learned and to achieve success. At least you can be sure that if she had the language he would speak like that. Therefore, we recommend that you spend at least 30 or 45 minutes a day on blowing and holding exercises .



Is Ney Played or Blown?

Ready opportunity this is an opportunity, and while you are on your way to this page to find out what, let's clarify a discussion. If it is necessary to examine the meaning of the word; According to the Turkish Language Association (TDK) the meaning of the word blowing is defined as ‘playing woodwind instruments”. Since the ney is also a woodwind musical instrument, the correct way to use it should be known as blowing ney, not playing ney .

There is also a metaphorical meaning of blowing. Ney has almost become a symbol of Sufism and Mevlevi culture. As mentioned in our article titled Ney in Mevlevi ,ney has been likened to a human being, and when I complete [his (Adam's) form and breathe my spirit into him , you immediately prostrate for him.Hijr29] has found a basis for him from his verse. In addition, the fact that the sound of “Hû” coming out of the mouth while performing ney points to the person of Allah in Sufism has also been effective in this regard.

It's All A Little Bit Up To You

You may get a sound 15 minutes after you take Ney in your hand, or may get 5 days later… We have given some information on This page to make a sound from Ney. We recommend you to review. Holding position, breath control, mouth and head position are discussed in detail in our article. However, you can come across visual and video descriptions in other sources on the internet. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, first of all, not giving up and working regularly with determination will be the most important factor in blowing ney.

What Kind of Ney Should I Buy?

One of the questions we get the most is I decide to learn ney, so, what kind of ney should I buy for this?".To get started, choose something that will be as easy to learn and at an economical price. Our recommendation - which is also for sale in our online store - will be the Kız (main harmony) type ney with delrin başpâre. As you learn to blow ney and progress, you can buy ney with higher features and different types .


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