Vertical Ney Hanger, Wooden

200,00  320,00 
  • Wooden, elegant ney hanger where you can store your neys vertically,
  • Neys are used by hanging from the A note hole (the hole at the bottom of ney),
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Dikey Ney Askılığı, Ahşap

Vertical Ney Hanger, Wooden

200,00  320,00 


  • Due to the fact that it will be specially manufactured, the product characteristics (color, texture, rope, etc.) and the shipping time may vary,
  • You need to contact for production in different sizes,
  • Suitable for ney's over 55 cm.
  • The shipping fee belongs to the buyer and can be sent to any desired place. (Contact us for your overseas orders.)
  • The ney's shown in the picture are not included in the price.