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Our courses are offered as face-to-face or online courses. Ney learning time is directly related to the ability and working time of the person. Courses are in packages of 8 hours in total, 2 hours per week. If you want to learn ney playing in the most accurate way, you should definitely check out our ney courses.

Online Ney Courses

It will be delivered via WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype, from the platform of choice by the trainee. Lesson times will be determined as a result of the coordination to be made. The course fee is 50 $ Accession is suitable anywhere in the world. It is an ideal opportunity to make use of your time during these days when you stay at home.

Face-to-Face Ney Courses

Face-to-face ney courses Antalya are valid for the city centers of Antalya and Kayseri, and the training will be given in a total of eight hours with the meşk method. If you are residing in Antalya or Kayseri, we recommend you to take advantage of this course opportunity. Kayseri şehir merkezleri için geçerli olup eğitimler meşk usulü ile toplam sekiz saat verilecektir. Eğer siz de Antalya veya Kayseri’de ikamet ediyorsanız bu kurs fırsatını değerlendirmenizi öneririz.

Kayseri’de mevcut ney kursuOur current ney lessons in Kayseri will be held in groups of maximum 4 people or one-on-one according to your preference, and the lessons will be held in the ney making workshop located in the city center. Group lessons are 70 $ per person, and private lessons are 95 $.

Antalya’da mevcut ney kursuOur current ney lessons in Antalya will be held one-to-one at most, and the place of the lesson (residence of the trainee, ney making workshop, etc.) and lesson times will be determined as a result of mutual coordination. The course fee is 70 $.

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