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Parliamentary Composers-10

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He was born in 1874 in Süleymaniye, Istanbul. He is the son of Ali Osman, the Bekçiler Steward. After completing his secondary education in Şehzadebaşı Junior High School, he graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. He specialized in internal medicine. He worked as a municipal doctor in Midilli and Muğla and as an internal medicine specialist in İzmir Country Hospital.

He served as a doctor colonel in the War of Independence. He won Atatürk's love and appreciation. He served as İzmir Health Director for 17 years until the Greek invasion. Until 1922, he was the Ministry of Health Directorate of Sanitation.

He entered the Assembly as the 5th Term Kastamonu Deputy. Later he continued his life as a doctor.

He was interested in music from an early age. He took advantage of famous teachers. He took lessons from Zekâi Dede, his son Ahmet Irsoy, Enderûni Ali and İzmir's Santo Şikari. He established friendships with Dr. Suphi EZGİ, who were the great composers of the period, and Lawyer Hüseyin Sadettin AREL. He was a well-known ney performer.

He died in July 1954 at the age of 80 and was buried in the Edirnekapı martyrdom. Upon his death, the composer Dr. Cahid ÖNEY said the following:

" I remembered his death and sang his song,

Ney performer Şenozan was fire with glasses of kiss... "

Dr. Şükrü ŞENOZAN started composing at the age of 19. He completed his first song with the words "Gözüm Hicrinle Kan Ağlar" in 1893. He produced a small number of valuable works. The sûznâk song with the words "Muptelâyı derd olan diller devâdan geçtiler" became very famous. Most of his works are in TRT Repertoire.

Other known works are as follows.

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