Parliamentary Composers-1

  • ŞahaNey 


He was born in Istanbul in 1869. He is the son of Şevki Bey. He joined the army in 1888 after graduating from the Military Academy. He participated in the Greek war in 1897. He was promoted to general in 1914. He participated in the national war. He served as commander and Governor of Adana. He later served in the embassies of Tehran and Cairo. He entered national parliament in 1931 as Kars deputy and served until 13 October 1940, the date of his death. His detectable works are:

Kürdili-Hicazkâr / Aksak Şarkı: “Gidelim Semt-i Fener’e Gece Gündüz Çakalım.”

Rast/Nimsofyan: Vatan Marşı “Cümle Millet Ferahladı.

Parliamentary Composers - 2 / Rüştü ŞARDAĞ

Parlamenter Bestekarlar – 3 / Samih RİFAT

Parlamenter Bestekarlar – 4 / Ahmed Rasim BEY

Parlamenter Bestekarlar-5 / Kâzım KARABEKİR

Parlamenter Bestekarlar-6 / Yılmaz ÖZTUNA

Parlamenter Bestekarlar-7 / Manyasizâde Refik Bey

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