Şah Ney – 26 mm

$ 42,57

Body           : Samandağ / Hatay reed (pike / arundo donax)

Başpâre        : Derlin

Parazvâne    : 0.30 mm solid brass

Aşirân (The hole side in the back of ney – right handed/left handed) direction: Closed

Tone : Rast / Sol (G)

Diameter : 26 mm

Only 1 left in stock

  • All our ney varieties are handmade using completely traditional methods.
  • It can be sent to anywhere in Turkey (including cargo price). (Please contact for your abroad shipping orders.)
  • In addition to all our neys, the method book and (except nısfiye neys) hardcase are gift.
Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions91.5 × 0.26 × 0.26 cm


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