How to Care for Ney?

"If you look, it's a bond, if you don't look, it's a mountain." based on the proverb, it is necessary to care for ney. Care of ney will allow you to use it at the same and even better efficiency without loss of performance, as long as there are no cracks and/or fractures on it. I think the example (“The ney dated 1718 recorded in the Topkapı Palace Harem Inventory can still sound; thus, it carries the notes of the tradition to the present.”) mentioned in . Prof.Dr.Ali TAN's work “History and Technical Development of Ney Production” will allow us to better understand the importance of ney care.

Care of ney does not just mean lubrication. During the preservation, transportation and usage of ney, there are at least as important considerations as lubrication.

  • Ney must be kept by hanging 90 degrees perpendicular to the floor or leaving it in a suitable place to stand 180 degrees horizontally, and during horizontal/vertical preservation, the başpâre must come to a suitable position so that it does not disrupt the current angle.
  • Ney and başpâre should be considered inseparable, and baspare should not be displaced if not necessary.
  • Ney should not subject to sudden heat changes to be protected to avoid cracks on ney.
  • In order to prevent breakage/cracking during transportation, ney must be carried in a suitable box or case. (available in our online shop)
  • Since ney will be moist after blowing (moisture can cause mildew in the sound box and distortion of the sound timbre.), if possible, it should not be placed in a closed box/case and should be dried in open air.
  • Because it can cause mold, ney should not be blown without oral care and food should not be consumed during/before playing ney.
  • Ney's sound box should not be interfered with a material such as rod/brush/ramrod and mildew, etc. in case of any problem, advice should be sought from someone experienced.

In addition to the above considerations, ney must be lubricated at certain times for many years of usage and sound quality. While the oil is preferred for lubricating, a vegetable (almonds, sesame seeds, nuts, etc.) liquid oil with low acid content, structurally thin and which does not leave sediment should be selected, and this oil should not harm human health. There is no problem adding natural odors that do not contain chemicals (such as musk, rose oil, lavender oil) in order to give smell to oil.

Ney Lubrication Period

Ney must be lubricated on average;;

  • Once a week in the first three months after opening,
  • Once in every two weeks in the second three months,
  • After that, it should be lubricated once a month.

Once in every three months for continuously played and older than one-year neys.


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