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What to Make Sound From Ney

Making a sound from ney does not actually require very special and hidden skills. By paying attention to just a few tricks, you can come to the situation where you can make a sound and play ney in a short time. First of all, you should keep ney as all note holes are uncovered. Then you have to find your blowing direction (right or left). After you find the side that is comfortable and does not tire your lips, start blowing on that side. If you are blowing with the right side of your lip, you will be left-handed (left hand above) neyzen.Pay Attention To These While Blowing. After bringing your lip closer to the head (başpare) of ney at an angle of about 20 degrees (between 15-30 degrees), try to blow it with a medium light (like a whistle). Try this over and over again, tirelessly. If there is no sound, change your angle by slightly moving ney and try again, the important thing here is that no air comes out from the part where you put your lip. Make this exercise repeatedly and with slightly changing the angle until it sounds appropriate. By the way, you should not forget that you have to blow into ney. Read More »What to Make Sound From Ney

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