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How Is Improvisation Performed?

What is improvisation? Improvisationwhile expressing meanings such as dividing, smashing in the dictionary, as the term of music, on the condition that it is based on a musical mode, the instrumental music that the artist exhibits his own melodic world and talent, in other words improvised variety. Therefore, Improvisation is the name of the instant composition without writing the notes on paper and without being bound by a certain rhythm. dersek sanırım yanılmayız.Improvisation is one of the basic performance types of Turkish Music. All the music organizations start with the improvisation. The musical modes of works that will be performed in these organizations are introduced to the ears of both the listeners and the performers thanks to the improvisation in order to be mentally prepared. Of course, not only in these cases, but also individually, the improvisation has always attracted attention and it has been one of the most important forms in which the performers want to improve themselves. Because improvisation, in terms of music, is the summary of what the performer learned and the stages he went through and even all the feelings he experienced in his daily life. Read More »How Is Improvisation Performed?

Ney in Mevlevi and Mevlevi Rite

Research shows that even in the most primitive societies, music and religion are intertwined. The existence of man and the whole universe is started with the instruction "Kün (Be)!", with a voice. Later, the question of "Elestü bi’rabbikum" (Am I not your Lord?) is that the Almighty Creator accepts human as the interlocutor. On the other hand, the end of everything created will be from the sound of an instrument, so to speak; It will come true when Israfil blows to Sur. Man, who is the most precious being in this universe between two voices, has always had an interest in the beautiful voice, perhaps because of the divine breath [When I complete his (Adam's) shape and blew my soul into him, immediately prostrate for him. Hicr29.] within. For these reasons, religion cannot be deprived of the beautiful sound. The enormous development of our mosque and lodge music is also proof of this. A lot of research on the effect of sound on spirit and matter shows us the invisible but great effects of sound. Of course, I will not talk about these scientific studies in detail, since this article is more like an essay written for me than a scientific article. As the music community knows, the dervish lodges are like music nests in the public eye, and especially the Mevlevi tekkes served as conservatories, and this situation has continued for centuries. Undoubtedly, Mevlana Celâleddin-i Rûmi 's value and meaning to music, ney and rebab among Turkish musical instruments, and the meaning he attributes, are quite effective in this case. The mention of ney in the first line of the first twelve couplets of Mesnevî-i Şerif... Read More »Ney in Mevlevi and Mevlevi Rite